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Maintenance Plans


Our weekly residential maintenance program includes pruning, ground cover control, tree maintenance, clean up of landscaped areas, mowing, edging, leaf removal, trenching, hand and chemical weed control and irrigation.



Additional Services


Horticultural applications include fertilization of plant material, weed control and insect and disease control. Additional landscape services that are available include design, installation and maintenance of seasonal color, aeration, top seeding, overdressing, yard renovation and enhancements.




We take pride in providing our customers with personalized service, attention to detail, teamwork and consistent client communications. From natural landscapes to formal gardens, our staff works with you to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful during the Mid Atlantic’s mild winters and humid summers.


Organic Lawn Care


The main objectives of our organic lawn care program are to eliminate the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers while not having to sacrifice the quality of your lawn.  Ask for our organic solutions when you call.


Tree Services

Tree removal

Horticultural oil spray treatment

Spring & fall deep root fertilizer treatments

Insect and disease protection


Shrub bed weed control


Frost protection

Snow Removal

We offer snow plowing service that you can truly count on. Unlike other snow plow companies, we won’t leave you with a subpar plow job. You can rest assured knowing we will plow your driveway, making it nice and safe for you to walk and drive on.

Leave the shovels inside and let us do the plowing for you. Call us today to schedule a free consultation!

Traditional Maintenance Services

Dependable Service and commitment to customer satisfaction is what we strive for here at Tropilawn Landscaping. No two properties are alike so our property maintenance packages are designed to be customer specific, and tailored for each client’s needs and desires. We have dependable weekly lawn service with our professional staff that cut the grass on a weekly basis, trim edges and blow the debris off lawn, walkways and patios or pool areas. We also offer fertilization programs to keep your lawn green and healthy. In spring we fertilize with crabgrass control, early summer broad leaf weed control, summer a liquid herbicide/ slow release herbicide late summer and fall we feed to promote root growth and early green up for next season.

And our spring and fall clean ups to prepare your property for the upcoming season, whether it be beautifying it for summer or clearing it for winter. We remove all leaves, branches and summer/winter debris in preparation for the next season.

Edging is done twice yearly and weeding can be performed on a monthly basis as needed.

We also can deliver and spread hardwood premium pure bark mulch for all tree, flower and shrubbery beds to enhance their appearance and retain moisture.
Your choice of pure bark mulch, hardwood premium and local hard or softwood mulch. We also can apply organic fertilizer to mulched beds.

Of course the key to a beautiful landscape is upkeep and in today’s hectic world, who wants to spend long weekends away from the things in life you would rather be doing. Let our dedicated professional crew keep your property in top shape so you can enjoy your weekends with family and friends in a beautiful setting…your home.

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