Maintenance Services

Mowing and Trimming


Mowing and trimming will occur weekly or or as needed throughout growing season, usually starting on April 1st, and running through November 24th. During this period, the grounds will be cut at regular intervals of no more than 10 days or as needed. We will be using commercial lawn maintenance equipment including from-end cutting machines with a combination of hand mowers. Bagging of clippings can be performed on an as-needed basis. Trimming will be conducted throughout the entire mowing operation through the use of gas powered weedeaters. Walks and streets are blown clear after our mowing operation.

An estimated _____ mowing of the entire area covered by this contract are anticipated. Fewer or more mowings may be required according to grass growth, but in either case not savings or cost increase will be considered.

The mowing height is very important. We maintain a cutting height during the summer of 2-1/2 to 3 inches. This protects the root system during drought stress and holds down the germination of weeds. Higher mowing heights also reduce insect and disease problems, thus providing a greener turf which is essential for common grounds. This height will be maintained throughout the growing season. Mowers are maintained and blades are sharpened on a daily basis to ensure proper cutting.

Sidewalk Seam Control


This service is automatically included with our mowing operation. The price for this service is also included in the mowing price. With this service, walks and streets are often sprayed when weeds appear several times during the growing season. Chemicals such as Paraquet and Roundup are used and care is given not to spray adjacent turfgrass areas.


Walkways and curbs can be power-edged during the season at a season requested or recommended rate. Clippings from this operation are swept and blown clear. This service usually begins around May 1st and ends around November 24th.

Fall Cleanup

Fall cleanup of leaves and debris where heavy accumulation occurs on common rounds can be performed during the months of November and December. One or more cleanups can be included in a contract.

Spring Cleanup

Policing of grounds, removal of leaves and debris usually performed once before the cutting season.

Street and Gutter Cleaning

Monthly sweeping of trees and gutters to remove debris that collects over the contract period. This is a cosmetic addition.

Special Pick-Up

Loose debris and rubbish can be removed from assigned drop points for the convenience of the homeowners.

Residential Mowing Program

This program represents one of the finest mowing services available to the residents of Northern Virginia. Years of experience with commercial realtors and homeowners have helped us in establishing the various levels of service required to satisfy our client’s best interest. The beauty of our mowing service is that you have the flexibility to have a standard service (3/month) or increase the service to weekly (4/month) as you may require.

  • Mowing and trimming is conducted on a ten-day cycle with three cuttings each month (except those months you instruct us to mow weekly).
  • Mulching mowers are used to reduce clippings, and mowing patterns are established for lawn beautification.
  • Trimming of areas along flower beds, fence lines, and other architectural structures are performed with each mowing service.
  • Power-edging of all walkways and driveways are completed with each mowing service.
  • All lawn areas are cleaned of clippings, and walkways and adjacent street frontage are blown clear.
  • Service reports are left with each visit and your lawn is assigned to a full-time supervisor.
  • November service, through the use of a mulching mower, includes lawn cutting, and leaves chopped and mulched twice, reducing fall cleanup by 80-90%.