Power Seeding

A process whereby a machine drives seed into the ground in a continuous row. This is the most effective means of seeding where 80% germination rates can be obtained.

Broadcast Overseeding

Cast overseeding of areas at 2-5 pounds per 1000 square feet. Turf type fescues are usually applied.

Core Aeration

This service involves the use of a machine which removes a plug from the lawn areas. Aeration relieves soil compaction. This service can be provided with seeding and various product applications. This operation is restricted to large areas where the machine can be easily moved without damaging pavements or walkways.

Lawn Renovation Program

This program has been developed to completely oevrhaul an existing lawn and establish new turfgrass. It contains what we feel are all of the necessary steps and follow-up procedures to properly establish turfgrass.

Powerseeding – The seeder is designed to aerate, dethatch and overseed in one operation. This is accomplished by the power unit first slicing the ground to a pre-set depth, with high-speed rotating blades that make a continuous groove in the ground. The seeder unit follows directly behind the cutting blades, depositing grass seed at a pre-set rate per acre. The rate of seed flow is pre-set depending on the type of lawn desired. Seeding rates of 6-8lbs per 1000 square feet are recommended for the new turf type fescues. Shady lawns receive a mixture of fine fescue and bluegrass for best results.

Broadcast Overseed – Renovated area is then overseeded at 1-2lbs per 1000 square feet. This ensures plentiful amounts of seed for maximum germinations and lawn development.

Fertilization – A balance starter fertilizer, high in the root-forming elements, is then applied at a rate of 1.5lbs of nitrogen per 1000 square feet. This is a slowly available feeding, which helps the newly germinated grass seed.

Check-Up – Thirty days after the completion of steps 1-3, we will return to the home and apply additional fertilizer and spot overseed areas required to complete the lawn renovation. For best results, a continuous fertilization process should be adopted.

Lawn establishment is something that takes time – you can’t expect to have a carpet-like lawn overnight. What you can expect is that we will work with you until Mother Nature and professional service come through.

Core Aeration Program

Core Aeration is actually a way of cultivating your lawn by removing “plugs” of soil and leaving behind small perforations in the earth. These plugs are left on the surface to break down and dissolve, thereby top-dressing the lawn with organic matter which allows for root and new shoot development.

Advantages of Core Aeration

• Increases water and air movement in the soil
• Relieves soil compaction
• Allows products to reach the root zone
• Helps prevent thatch build-up
• Performed in conjunction with overseeding
• Increases turf development

This program designed by our professionals is ideal for all homeowners regardless of the condition of your present lawn. This is a fast and easy way to produce a healthy lawn by attacking cultural problems such as soil compaction and thatch accumulation. Overseeding is preferred with this option.

  • Power Core Aeration – Piston driven machine to remove plugs.
  • Broadcast Overseeding – Turf type fescue at a rate of 3lbs per 1000 square feet.
  • Fertilization – Heavy balanced fertilizer combination is applied to ensure steady feeding and root development.
  • 30-60 Day Follow-Up – Balanced fertilizer for maximum root development and spot overseeding.

Continuing with the annual treatments is always recommended for producing the best long range results. This program is not intended to overhaul lawns as in our deluxe lawn renovation package, but is designed to provide you with an alternative package.