Turfgrass Applications


The following list of products are applied under the supervision of a certified product applicator.

Spring Crabgrass Control with Fertilizer

The pre-emergence product Stonewall is applied in combination with the balanced fertilizer Dimension to ensure “green up” and to prevent crabgrass. (March)

Team Application

The straight pre-emergence crabgrass control material without fertilizer Stonewall is highly recommended for quality weed control. (May)

Broadleaf Weed Control Plus

Lesco Three-Way kills the hard to control weeds of spring and fall. This is a liquid spray with fertilizer to provide greening. (Twice April & Oct)

Spot Weed Control

Spot applications over the course of the contract to help control outbreaks of undesirable weeds such as spotted spurge, black medic, etc. The applications are usually applied to highly visible areas only. This application is weather dependent. (Twice)

Late Spring Fertilization

Light, slow available Nitrogen source to improve lawn quality.

Summer Lawn Insect Control

Mach 2, Dylox 6.2, Crosscheck, or Talstar insecticide for control of surface feeding insect pests.

Oftanol Grub Control

Strong, long-lasting grub control kills Japanese beetle larva and is applied during June through August.

Early Fall Fertilization

Heavy application of slow release 20-4-10 or equivalent at a rate of 1.5 pounds of N/1000 square feet. Builds lawn and roots for fall and spring.

Late Fall Fertilization

16-8-8 quick release, heavy Nitrogen balance N.P.K., the professional choice.

Peletized Lime Application

Mg-Ca Co3 contains micro elements. At 20 to 50 pounds per 1000 square feet neutralizes acids. Lime supplies Ca, an essential turfgrass nutrient. Click here to view a PDF outlining the important benefits of lime application.